About guardians

The Guardians is a blue-team capture the flag (CTF) online competition, where you can test your skills in Digital Forensics, Incident response and Threat Hunting. But Guardians is not just a game. It’s a set of challenges designed to help those interested in IT security to learn and test their practical DFIR skills in an environment that resembles a real enterprise network. Our virtual enterprise has all what real enterprise has – servers (Domain controllers, MS Exchange, fileserver, webserver, …), firewalls, IDS, log management or workstations. Simulated users send emails, surf the Internet and use internal resources. And as many enterprises, it is the constant target for hackers. The attacks are prepared in cooperation with professional penetration testers and based on real methods used by APT groups. Players don’t need to have any special tools installed to play, any modern web browser will do the job.


The Mission

Despite the tremendously increasing number of cyber-attack reports, cybersecurity is still an underestimated and underfunded department in many companies. The mission of Guardians is to raise general awareness of cybercrime and its negative impact on all aspects of society.


The chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, we believe that continuous education of the general public and young, as well as seasoned security experts, is the most efficient way to increase the defense capabilities of the entire society.

By choosing this topic, we want to contribute to the protection of values that represent the society in which we all live, and the Freedom of the press is one of its pillars. Besides testing the preparedness of the Slovak and Czech incident response teams, the goal is to increase the defense capabilities of journalists themselves.

Support this endeavour by sending your team or join as a partner.

  • Test your incident response team’s preparedness and skills
  • Increase the trust in your brand by demonstrating your commitment to the cybersecurity
  • Build relationships and share industry experience with other participants and partners
  • Get media exposure and attract new cyber talents
  • Contribute to the safer business and public environment


Previous rounds

2021: “FREEDOM OF THE PRESS” – malicious private and nation-state actors trying to hijack control over one of the pillars of modern democracy – media..

2020: “VACCINE RESEARCH” – with the world rushing to develop a vaccine, attackers were trying to hijack sensitive information and intellectual property.

2019: “PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION” – in the run-up to the presidential election in Slovakia, the scenario featured state-sponsored hackers targeting a presidential candidate’s staff to influence the elections.

2018: “HOSPITAL UNDER ATTACK” – a simulated attack in a hospital environment targeted patients’ health records, the hospital’s website, and smart-building technology.

2017: “NUCLEAR POWERPLANT DISASTER” – the simulation of an attack targeted the power generator of a nuclear power plant based on December 2015 events in Ukraine.

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