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The fifth year of Guardians is going to be divided into online qualification and live finals, in which the best teams are going to compete against each other. The environment of a simulated financial company consists of standard corporate technologies, such as firewalls, VPN, application firewalls, Active Directory, Exchange or Office365, file servers, web servers, and workstations. Specific applications, such as a payment gateway, interbank system, stock exchange system or cryptocurrency farm are going to be included as well. The qualification is going to take place throughout one whole week at the begininig of October. The evaluation of the best teams and then the finals are going to take place at the end of October. Each team is going to consist of onw to five members, so do not hesitate to invite your colleagues or friends. Create a team together, solve the most tasks and show that your company has the best IT security experts in Slovakia.

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Our Mission

The topic of cyber security is still underestimated, and therefore the mission of the Guardians is to raise awareness of cybercrime issues and their impact on the population. We consider the education of young but also experienced experts in the field of IT and cyber security as one of the ways to increase not only awareness of the topic and possible threatments, but also the qualification of our experts.


Previous rounds

2017: NUCLEAR POWERPLANT DISASTER – Based on December 2015 events in nuclear power plant in Ukraine, simulated attack targeting destruction of power generator was prepared and executed.

2018: HOSPITAL under the attack Simulated attack on hospital environment targeting patients’ health records, hospital websites and smart building technology tested abilities of six selected university students.

2019: Influence of the presidential ELECTION “Win the election and anything is possible.” Before an upcoming head of state election, we simulated attacks on a candidate’s staff and demonstrated the consequences of a failed defense against cyber criminals.

2020: “Corona Edition” Last year’s game was aimed at protecting against hacker attacks, that tried to obtain information about COVID- 19 vaccines

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